Creates a new database view.

Available attributes

Name Description Required for Supports
catalogName Name of the catalog all
encoding Encoding used in the file defined in the `path` attribute all
fullDefinition Set to true if selectQuery is the entire view definition. False if the CREATE VIEW header should be added all
path Path to file containing view definition all
relativeToChangelogFile Whether the file path relative to the root changelog file rather than to the classpath. all
remarks Comments stored for the view all
replaceIfExists Use 'create or replace' syntax db2, firebird, h2, hsqldb, ingres, mariadb, mssql, mysql, oracle, postgresql, sqlite, sybase
schemaName Name of the schema all
selectQuery SQL for generating the view informix all
viewName Name of the view to create all all

XML example

<changeSet  author="liquibase-docs"  id="createView-example">  
    <createView  catalogName="cat"  
            path="A String"  
            remarks="A String"  
            viewName="v_person">select id, name from person where id > 10</createView>  

YAML example

  id:  createView-example  
  author:  liquibase-docs  
  -  createView:  
      catalogName:  cat  
      encoding:  UTF-8  
      fullDefinition:  true  
      path:  A String  
      relativeToChangelogFile:  true  
      remarks:  A String  
      replaceIfExists:  false  
      schemaName:  public  
      selectQuery:  select id, name from person where id > 10  
      viewName:  v_person

JSON example

{  "changeSet":  {  "id":  "createView-example",  "author":  "liquibase-docs",  "changes":  [  {  "createView":  {  "catalogName":  "cat",  "encoding":  "UTF-8",  "fullDefinition":  true,  "path":  "A String",  "relativeToChangelogFile":  true,  "remarks":  "A String",  "replaceIfExists":  false,  "schemaName":  "public",  "selectQuery":  "select id, name from person where id > 10",  "viewName":  "v_person"  }  }]  }  }

SQL example

CREATE  VIEW  cat.v_person  AS  select  id,  
 name  from  person  where  id  >  10;

Database support

Database Notes Auto rollback
DB2/LUW Supported Yes
DB2/z Supported Yes
Derby Supported Yes
Firebird Supported Yes
H2 Supported Yes
HyperSQL Supported Yes
INGRES Supported Yes
Informix Supported Yes
MariaDB Supported Yes
MySQL Supported Yes
Oracle Supported Yes
PostgreSQL Supported Yes
SQL Server Supported Yes
SQLite Supported Yes
Sybase Supported Yes
Sybase Anywhere Supported Yes