Concatenates the values in two columns and joins them with a string, and stores the resulting value in a new column.

Available attributes

Name Description Required for Supports
catalogName Name of the catalog all
column1Name Name of the column containing the first half of the data all all
column2Name Name of the column containing the second half of the data all all
finalColumnName Name of the column to create all all
finalColumnType Data type of the column to create all all
joinString String to place include between the values from column1 and column2 (may be empty) all
schemaName Name of the schema all
tableName Name of the table containing the columns to join all all

XML example

<changeSet  author="liquibase-docs"  id="mergeColumns-example">  
    <mergeColumns  catalogName="cat"  
            joinString="A String"  

YAML example

  id:  mergeColumns-example  
  author:  liquibase-docs  
  -  mergeColumns:  
      catalogName:  cat  
      column1Name:  first_name  
      column2Name:  last_name  
      finalColumnName:  full_name  
      finalColumnType:  varchar(255)  
      joinString:  A String  
      schemaName:  public  
      tableName:  person

JSON example

{  "changeSet":  {  "id":  "mergeColumns-example",  "author":  "liquibase-docs",  "changes":  [  {  "mergeColumns":  {  "catalogName":  "cat",  "column1Name":  "first_name",  "column2Name":  "last_name",  "finalColumnName":  "full_name",  "finalColumnType":  "varchar(255)",  "joinString":  "A String",  "schemaName":  "public",  "tableName":  "person"  }  }]  }  }

SQL example

ALTER  TABLE  public.person  ADD  full_name  VARCHAR(255)  NULL;  

UPDATE  cat.person  SET  full_name  =  CONCAT_WS(first_name,  
 'A String',  

ALTER  TABLE  public.person  DROP  COLUMN  first_name;  

ALTER  TABLE  public.person  DROP  COLUMN  last_name;

Database support

Database Notes Auto rollback
DB2/LUW Supported No
DB2/z Not Supported No
Derby Not Supported No
Firebird Supported No
H2 Supported No
HyperSQL Supported No
INGRES Supported No
Informix Supported No
MariaDB Supported No
MySQL Supported No
Oracle Supported No
PostgreSQL Supported No
SQL Server Supported No
SQLite Supported No
Sybase Supported No
Sybase Anywhere Supported No