clearCheckSums command

clearCheckSums clears all checksums and nullifies the MD5SUM column of the DATABASECHANGELOG table so they will be re-computed on the next database update.

changesets that have been deployed will have their checksums re-computed, and pending changesets will be deployed.


clearCheckSums is typically used when there is a [MD5Sum Check Failed] error message and there is a need to clear the checksums from the DATABASECHANGELOG table.

Running the clearCheckSums command

To run the clearCheckSums command, you can specify the driver, classpath, and URL in your file. For more information, see Creating and configuring a file. You can also specify these properties in your command line.

Then run the clearCheckSums command:

liquibase –-changeLogFile=mainchangelog.xml clearCheckSums

Note: Enter the name of the changelog you want to use in place of mainchangelog.xml. You can also add the changeLogFile to your file.

clearCheckSums global attributes

Attribute Definition Requirement
--changeLogFile The root changelog Required
--username The database username Required
--password The database password Required
--url The JDBC database connection Required