dropAll command

dropAll drops all database objects owned by the user. dropAll will not drop functions, procedures, or packages for the community version of Liquibase. Functions, procedures, packages, and synonyms can only be dropped for Liquibase Pro supported objects.


dropAll is typically used when there is a need to prepare an environment schema to be identical to another environment schema. dropAll is useful in the developer and test environments to remove unwanted objects to reset the database to “empty”.

The command makes it easier to standardize another schema, compared to manually deleting the objects, or dropping and recreating the desired schema.

dropAll should not be used in a production environment to prevent removal of required objects.

Running the dropAll command

To run the dropAll command, you need to specify your driver, class path, and URL in your liquibase.properties file. For more information, see Creating and configuring a liquibase.properties file. You can also specify these properties in your command line.

Then run the dropAll command:

liquibase dropAll

dropAll global attributes

Attribute Definition Requirement
--url Specifies the JDBC database connection URL Required
--username Specifies the database username Required
--password Specifies the database password Required