checks enable command

The enable subcommand enables a specific check provided in the --check-name parameters.


You can typically use the checks enable command to start or continue executing the disabled check. The liquibase checks run command evaluates enabled checks when being executed.

Note: To see the list of available checks, run liquibase checks show.

Running the checks enable command

Run the command specifying your values:

liquibase checks enable --check-name=ChangesetCommentCheck

Note: If you have a checks settings file customized for a specific environment or project, you need to pass that using the --checks-settings-file parameter. If you do not include this parameter, Liquibase uses the default settings file – liquibase.checks-settings.conf.

The command will enable the check in the checks settings file. To execute the check, use the checks run command.

checks enable command attributes

Name Syntax Description





Environment Variable:


The parameter which specifies the needed checks settings file to work with subcommands.

Set the checks-settings-file parameter to the relative path of the checks-settings-file that you want to read from or modify.

For more information, see checks settings file.






Environment Variable:


The parameter which you must specify so that any of the following subcommands being executed can perform its function:

  • copy
  • customize
  • delete
  • disable
  • enable
  • reset

Set the check-name parameter to the short name for the check you want to target with one of the subcommands.

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