init copy

You can use the init copy subcommand to copy project files from a source directory to a target directory. It is available in Liquibase 4.7.0 and later.


Use the copy subcommand if you have an existing Liquibase project that you want to duplicate, such as testing a specific configuration of changelogs and properties that would be difficult to recreate manually. You can also specify whether you want to recursively copy files within subdirectories of your source directory.

Tip: If you want Liquibase to create a new project for you with default settings and files, use the init project command instead.


To run init copy, type the following into your command line:

init copy --source=<path/to/directory> --target=<path/to/directory> --recursive=<true|false>

Command arguments

Note: Syntax for each parameter is specified in kebab-case (CLI and flow file), camelCase (properties file and JAVA_OPTS), and ENVAR_CASE (environment variable).

Tip: For best results, specify all commands and parameters in the --kebab-case format in the CLI. If your preference is camelCase, it also works in the CLI.

Attribute Description Requirement

Recursively copy files from the source directory. Default: false


Source directory where the project files will be copied from. Default: .


Path to the directory where the project files will be created