clear-checksums clears all checksums and nullifies the MD5SUM column of the DATABASECHANGELOG table so they will be re-computed on the next database update.

changesets that have been deployed will have their checksums re-computed, and pending changesets will be deployed.


clear-checksums is typically used when there is a [MD5Sum Check Failed] error message and there is a need to clear the checksums from the DATABASECHANGELOG table.

Running the clear-checksums command

To run the clear-checksums command, specify the database driver, classpath, and URL the Liquibase properties file. For more information, see Create and Configure a File. You can also specify these properties in your command line.

Then run the clear-checksums command:

liquibase clear-checksums

clear-checksums global attributes

Tip: For best results, specify all commands and parameters in the --kebab-case format in the CLI. If your preference is camelCase, it also works in the CLI.

Attribute Definition Requirement

The JDBC database connection URL


The database username


The database password


Note: The username and password attributes are not required for connections and systems which use alternate means of authentication.

clear-checksums example output

When successful, the clear-checksums command produces the following output:

Liquibase Pro 3.9.0  licensed to Liquibase Pro Customer until Tue Sep 22 19:00:00 CDT 2020
Liquibase command 'clear-checksums' was executed successfully.