release-locks removes the specific Liquibase lock record from the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table in the needed database.


release-locks is typically used when there is an interruption with the Liquibase process during deployment resulting from the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table being in a locked state.

Running the release-locks command

To run the release-locks command, specify the driver, classpath, and URL in the Liquibase properties file. You can also specify these properties in your command line.

Then run the release-locks command:

liquibase --changelog-file=mainchangelog.xml release-locks

Note: Enter the name of the changelog you want to use in place of mainchangelog.xml. You can also add the changelog-file to the properties file.

release-locks global attributes

Tip: All Commands and Parameters use the --kabob-case format in the CLI environment.

Attributes Definition Requirement
--changelog-file The root changelog Required
--username The database username Required
--password The database password Required
--url The JDBC database connection Required

Note: The username and password attributes are not required for connections and systems which use alternate means of authentication.