Liquibase Pro checks bulk-set command

The bulk-set command sets all qualifying quality checks to the same value. It helps you perform bulk management operations without running similar checks commands multiple times.

Tip: The command is a Liquibase Pro command, so you need a valid Liquibase Pro License Key to use it.


The checks bulk-set command allows you to modify all qualifying quality checks at once using the --enable, --disable, and --severity flags.

For example, in a few commands, you can disable all your quality checks, set all severity exit codes to 0, and then pick a couple of them to enable and set the appropriate severity level. Let’s say you have 30 quality checks with different priorities. However, you want to reset them all to have a severity of 0 and configure only a few to have a severity of 4, which you have set in your CI/CD tool as an exit code that stops your jobs. This way, you would run liquibase checks bulk-set --severity=4.

Note: You cannot enable the checks that do not have the default value. You need to copy and customize them first.

Running the checks bulk-set command

You can run the checks bulk-set command as follows:

liquibase checks bulk-set --disable
liquibase checks bulk-set --enable
liquibase checks bulk-set --severity=[INFO|MINOR|MAJOR|CRITICAL|BLOCKER]
liquibase checks bulk-set --severity=[0|1|2|3|4]

Note: If you have a checks settings file customized for a specific environment or project, you need to pass that using the --checks-settings-file parameter. If you do not include this parameter, Liquibase uses the default settings file – liquibase.checks-settings.conf.

The command is interactive, so if you want to skip the confirmation in automation, use the --force flag with any other bulk-set flag.

liquibase checks bulk-set --severity=INFO --force

You can only pass one flag at a time. For example, if you want to enable checks and set them to severity=MINOR, run two checks bulk-set commands.

Example: liquibase checks bulk-set --enable
liquibase checks bulk-set --severity=MINOR

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