Quality Checks JSON Object

Liquibase Pro lets you format the output of Quality Checks Commands like run and show as a JSON object. You need a valid Liquibase Pro License Key to do this.


By default, Liquibase sends output to the console in a human-readable text format. By contrast, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a text syntax designed to be easily understood by computers. If your application needs to access information about quality checks, specify json as the value for the format attribute when you run quality checks commands on your database. This way, your application can easily parse through the Liquibase output.


Tip: For best results, specify all commands and parameters with the --kebab-case format in the CLI. If your preference is camelCase, it will still work in the CLI.

To send JSON output to STDOUT:

liquibase checks run --format=json --check-name=<checkShortName>

To send JSON output to a file:

liquibase checks run --format=json --check-name=<checkShortName> --output-file=path/to/myOutput.json

To send text output to STDOUT:

liquibase checks run --format=txt --check-name=<checkShortName>

If you do not specify a value for format, or if you do not have a valid Liquibase Pro license key, Liquibase sends text output to STDOUT. For more information about setting parameters, see Command Parameters.

Object format

The root schema of the JSON object is called checks and includes the following properties and subschemas:

  • executionDate (string)
  • returnCode (int)
  • changesetsValidatedCount (int)
  • executedChecksCount (int)
  • issueCount (int)
  • unparseableChangesetsCount (int)
  • unlicensedChangesetsCount (int)
  • hasProLicense (boolean)
  • changelogFilePath (string)
  • username (string)
  • productVersion (string)
  • integration (string)
  • issues (array of JSON objects)
    • changesetAuthor (string)
    • changesetFilePath (string)
    • changesetId (string)
    • checkMessage (string)
    • checkName (string)
    • checkReturnCode (int)
    • checkSeverity (string)
    • checkShortName (string)
  • changesetsValidated (array of JSON objects)
    • author (string)
    • filepath (string)
    • id (string)
  • executedChecks (array of JSON objects)
    • checkName (string)
    • checkShortName (string)
    • description (string)
    • enabled (boolean)
    • severity (string)

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