Feature Flags Overview

Liquibase Feature Flag/Management Extensions give users the ability to use some third-party feature flag tools to define and control when database changes are applied. The list of available extensions will be available on the documentation page. The extensions allow for feature flags to be used as Preconditions in changelogs and changesets.

Feature Status: Labs -- user feedback requested!

Features in Labs:

  • Meet Liquibase security requirements
  • Have public user documentation available
  • Configuration and dependencies not likely to change
  • Best effort to make future versions backwards compatible
  • Recommended use in non-production environments only

Extension list

Extension Product edition Documentation link GitHub link (open repos)
CloudBees Liquibase Pro CloudBees Feature Management Extension  
ConfigCat Liquibase Pro ConfigCat Feature Flags Extension  
FF4J Liquibase Community, Liquibase Pro FF4J Feature Flags Extension FF4J Feature Flags Extension
Flagr Liquibase Community, Liquibase Pro Flagr Feature Flags Extension Flagr Feature Flags Extension
Flagsmith Liquibase Pro Flagsmith Feature Flags Extension  
Flipt Liquibase Community, Liquibase Pro Flipt Feature Flags Extension Flipt Feature Flags Extension
GitLab Liquibase Pro GitLab Feature Flags Extension  
GrowthBook Liquibase Pro GrowthBook Feature Flags Extension  
LaunchDarkly Liquibase Pro LaunchDarkly Feature Flags Extension  

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