The --help parameter lists all the available Liquibase commands, required and optional parameters, and changelog properties. --help also presents Liquibase Hub commands: register-changelog, sync-hub, and the hubAPIKey property with the definitions.


You can use the --help parameter to check the syntax of commands, their definitions, and parameters. Its output includes the following:

  • Standard commands
  • Diff commands
  • Documentation commands
  • Maintenance commands
  • Hub commands
  • Required parameters
  • Optional parameters
  • Required diff parameters
  • Optional diff parameters
  • changelog properties
  • Hub integration CLI parameter

Using the --help parameter

Tip: For best results, specify all commands and parameters in the --kebab-case format in the CLI. If your preference is camelCase, it also works in the CLI.

To show a list of Liquibase commands, enter the following on your command line:

liquibase --help

To show the parameters for a specific command, enter the following on your command line:

liquibase update --help