Release Notes

To see the release notes for Liquibase 3.0.7 and earlier, refer to Liquibase releases.

Liquibase 4.4.2 release

Liquibase 4.4.2 is now available on the Download Liquibase page.

This release includes community-contributed pull requests, Liquibase Community and Liquibase Pro bug fixes, and enhancements to the dropAll command and SQL*Plus.

Here is a closer look at what we improved in the latest release.

Known Issues

UniqueConstraintSnapshotGenerator does not handle more than four unique constraints. The diff command reports a difference in unique constraints caused by the PostgreSQL database snapshot having fewer unique constraints than the snapshot from another database compared. Also, the issue can cause unreliable diffs and changelog generation for all non-MySQL databases. The fix will be available in the next release. #1996

Resolved Liquibase Community Issues

  • Changed NullPointerException to ChangeLogParseException for the output when there is a typo in a changeSet node #1593
  • Added the support method to DatabaseConnection#1784
  • Fixed the issue with handling serial and bigserial if liquibase.convertDataTypes=false#1883
  • Improved the ConfigurationValueProvider performance #1952
  • Added the ability to allow an empty string for the defaultValueattribute#1963
  • Reintroduced support for the -D arguments in the CLI #1943
  • Restored the updateTestingRollback command #1939
  • Added the Maven goal for unexpectedChangeSets#1972

Resolved Liquibase Pro Issues

  • Added the ability to handle special characters in procedures when using the generateChangeLog command. [DAT-6799]
  • SQL*Plus: Fixed the issue with formatted SQL changesets and runwith:sqlplus being stopped unless Liquibase includes a quit statement. [DAT-7376]
  • SQL*Plus: Fixed the SQL Plus spool log issue. [DAT-7461]

Additional Resolved Issues

  • Extended the dropAll command with optional hubConnectionId and hubProjectIdattributes. [DAT-6972]
  • Note: For more information, check our dropAll command documentation.

  • Fixed nested properties and the substitution of variables in YML changelogs. [DAT-7294]
  • Implemented the ability to use connectionjdbcurl when there is no project or connection ID with the dropAll command. [DAT-7388]
  • Improved the Liquibase Pro License key messaging. [DAT-7036]
  • Added the ability to handle a declined auto-registration when running the dropAll command. [DAT-7489]
  • Fixed auto-registration issues. [DAT-7505]