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Liquibase 4.10 release

Full Changelog:

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Breaking Change

Upgraded mssql driver to 10.2.0 by @nvoxland in

End User Impact: The driver changed the encryption default from "false" to "true" between 8.x and 10.x. If you have a self-signed certificate in your database, you must do one of the following: add encrypt=false; add trustServerCertificate=true; or add the server certificate to the java trusted certificate list. For production systems, Liquibase recommends against using self-signed certificates without adding the server certificate to the Java keystore. For more information on installing the trusted certificate, see

Security Updates

Upgraded postgresql from 42.3.2 to 42.3.4 to address [CVE-2022-26520]( by @dependabot in

  • Vulnerability introduced in org.postgresql:postgresql@42.3.2
  • Fixed in org.postgresql:postgresql@42.3.3

JDBC Driver and Third-Party Library Updates



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