Release Notes

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Liquibase 4.15.0 - August 5, 2022

Full changelog: v4.14.0...v4.15.0

Notable Changes

New liquibase flow command

  • liquibase flow and new flow-file (DAT-10419) by in #2946
  • The liqubase flow command and the Flow File on which it operates allow the user to place multiple commands within a single file so they can all run sequentially with a single command into the CLI. This is currently a Liquibase Labs restricted capability, so please contact to request a license key. Learn more at [](


  • Support setting searchPath in CommandTests (DAT-11055) by @StevenMassaro in #3129
    • For more information, see [](
  • Added duplicateFileMode setting for maven plugin by @nvoxland in #3119


  • Fix maven plugin pro commands for local developer install by @StevenMassaro in #3101
  • Update Derby reserved words by @andrewhj in #1971
  • Output "may lose settings" warning on mysql/mariadb for more impacted change types by @nvoxland in #3045
  • Improved "include" fix performance: optimized normalizePath method by @lzxgyh in #3063
  • Removed DatabaseInfoAttributes in XSD by @kazz62 in #2239
  • Do not split SQL on delimiters within BEGIN/END blocks by @nvoxland in #1589
  • Set max fractional timestamp digits to 12 for all DB2 editions (fix #2880) by @ctgnz in #2892
  • Fix query for snapshotting views on DB2/Z by @michaelmatthiaskern in #2712
  • Fix for bug 2711: Error when calling a procedure with parameters on DB2Z by @michaelmatthiaskern in #2765
  • Improve CLI error messages by @nvoxland in #3078
  • Improved handling of endDelimiter="/" by @nvoxland in #3118
  • Upgrade installer to ship with jdk 17.0.4+8 by @nvoxland in #3104
  • Improve failure message of RowCountPrecondition to preserve expected row count by @martinspielmann in #3093
  • Changed what sequence attributes are included in diff/generate changelog for Snowflake by @yodzhubeiskyi in #3121
  • Fix columnNames snapshot attribute of uniqueConstraints for Snowflake by @yodzhubeiskyi in #3123


Security Updates

No security updates needed in this release.

JDBC Driver and Third-Party Library Updates

Upgraded snowflake-jdbc from 3.13.20 to 3.13.21 by @dependabot in #3061

OWASP Dependency Check: Reported Vulnerabilities


New Contributors

  • @andrewhj made their first contribution in #1971
  • @lzxgyh made their first contribution in #3063
  • @kazz62 made their first contribution in #2239
  • @ctgnz made their first contribution in #2892
  • @michaelmatthiaskern made their first contribution in #2712
  • @martinspielmann made their first contribution in #3093

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File Descriptions

  • Liquibase CLI – Includes open-source and commercial functionality:
  • Primary libraries – For embedding in other software:
    • liquibase-core-<version>.jar – Base Liquibase library (open source)
    • liquibase-commerical-<version>.jar – Additional commercial functionality
    • Note: liquibase-core-<version>.jar contains only the open-source license. If you use Liquibase Pro or other commercial add-ons, you must also install liquibase-commercial-<version>.jar.

  • liquibase-additional-<version>.zip – Contains additional, less commonly used files:
    • Additional libraries such as liquibase-maven-plugin.jar and liquibase-cdi.jar
    • Javadocs for all the libraries
    • Source archives for all the open source libraries
    • ASC/MD5/SHA1 verification hashes for all files
  • Source code (zip) – ZIP archive of this repository's source code
  • Source code (tar.gz) – Tar.gz archive of this repository's source code