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Liquibase 4.7.1 Release

Liquibase 4.7.1 is now available on the Download Liquibase page.

This patch release includes community-contributed pull requests, Liquibase Community bug fixes, and Liquibase Pro bug fixes.

Here is a closer look at what we improved in the latest release.

Known Issues

In version 4.7.0, users that have "edb" in connection URLs but are not using EnterpriseDB experienced errors that caused Liquibase to misinterpret the database dialect. This patch release resolves this issue along with several others.


  • Added a new quality check – RollbackRequired. The check detects when a changeset does not have a rollback. [DAT-8871]
  • Enabled SQL parser for the TableColumnLimit check to work with formatted SQL changelogs [DAT-8531]
  • Implemented the --auto-update quality check parameter, which allows automatic backup and updating of the liquibase.check-settings.conf file when new quality checks are available. [DAT-8752]
    • CLI: --auto-update=[on|off]
    • file: [on|off]
  • Note: You can use the property not only with the show command but any other quality checks command.


  • [PR#2364] [Nathan Voxland] [M-Koers] Made EnterpriseDBDatabase detection less broad. The implementation of EnterpriseDBDatabase picked up database with "edb" in the URL instead of an actual EDB URL. The PR fixes PR#2363. [LB-2214]
  • Fixed quality checks with OBJECT_TYPES=TABLE, COLUMN, SEQUENCE specified in the same ObjectNameMustMatch rule to find all matches [DAT-8716]
  • Fixed the runWith=changeLogProperty attribute not working in a formatted SQL changelog [DAT-4793]
  • [PR#2270] [Nathan Voxland] [Michael Kroll] Fixed the handling of the cacheSize attribute in the createSequence and alterSequence Change Types for MariaDB. The PR fixes PR#2147. [LB-2191]
  • [PR#2269] [Nathan Voxland] [Tsvi Zandany] Fixed the handling of the tag-exists command old syntax in Liquibase 4.4 and later (liquibase tagExists myTag) to correctly convert the pattern into new versions. The PR fixes PR#2109. [LB-2192]
  • [PR#2188] [Cullen Coyle] Added the columnDataType attribute for the generated setColumnRemarks changesets to fix an error in MySQL [LB-2199]
  • [#932] [Matthias Wuttke] Added support for sequences in MaxDB [LB-41]
  • [PR#2282] [AlexanderSashchenko] Fixed the drop column statement generator for DB2 on z/OS [DAT-8744]


Our community has built a lot. Thanks to everyone who contributes and helps make the Liquibase community strong, including the following first-time contributors:

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