Installing Liquibase on macOS


Click Install Liquibase.

If the Liquibase Installer does not start automatically after downloading, locate the Installer file in your Downloads directory and run it.


  1. Click Download Liquibase to download the Liquibase installation files. For more information, see Liquibase Installation Files.
  2. Extract the contents to a local directory.
  3. (Optional) Add the Liquibase installation directory to your system PATH. Open the ~/.bashrc file (if you use Bash) or ~/.zshrc (if you use Zsh) and add this line:
  4. Example: export PATH=$PATH:<path to liquibase installation>

    Restart the shell session to load the new changes.

  5. From a command line or terminal, type liquibase --version to verify that Liquibase has been installed successfully.

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