Liquibase 4.25.1 Release Notes

Full Changelog: 4.25.0 - 4.25.1 (December 18, 2023)

Liquibase 4.25.1 is a patch release.

Liquibase Pro

Observability: Update Reports

These reports give you insights into the status of your database and enable you to quickly find and resolve errors in your automation pipeline. These reports can also help you detect patterns of failures that you can catch with Quality Checks or use to inform internal training and education for your teams.

Learn more at: Update Report

Observability: Drift Report extended to diffchangelog command

With our new HTML format, you can quickly see the differences between databases, including detailed object differences. This easy-to-read and shareable report makes it faster than ever to detect and fix database drift.

Learn more at: Drift Report

Convenience: New liquibase connect command

A new command to test your database's url, username, and password are all configured correctly and that Liquibase can reach your database -- and no changelog required.

Learn more at: connect

Convenience: Global endDelimiters

Global endDelimiters allow you to set a default endDelimiter at the project level. This ensures consistency and saves you time from the manual process of updating this value for each change set.

Learn more at: pro-global-end-delimiter

Observability: Structured Logging Enhancement

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added a new set of keys that improves data analysis capabilities surrounding exceptions and Quality Checks.

Learn more at:

Liquibase Open Source and Liquibase Pro

Liquibase capability enhancements

  • Added the showSummaryOutput property for the update command
  • Added system properties as an additional way to provide configuration options to the CLI
  • Improve SQL parsing of quoted strings
  • Update generateChangelog to properly format generated view definitions for all databases
  • Minor bug fixes related to checksums
  • Various performance and stability improvements

JDBC Driver Updates

  • Oracle JDBC driver updated from to
  • PostgreSQL JDBC driver updated from 42.7.0 to 42.7.1
  • Snowflake JDBC driver updated from 3.14.1 to 3.14.3
  • DB2 JDBC driver updated from to
  • SQLite JDBC driver updated from to

Database platform improvements

H2 Database

  • Updated PrimaryKeyExistsPrecondition to require a table name


  • Updated boolean datatype from TinyInt(1) to TinyInt following MySQL recommendations
  • Updated default value handling to allow defaultValueComputed for MySQL 5.7


  • Liquibase snapshot now includes Oracle Temporary Global tables
  • Liquibase snapshot excludes Oracle Queue tables

SQL Anywhere

  • Automatically recompile all views after the last changeset is executed (at the end of an update)


  • Fix generated SQL for CHAR datatype


  • Corrected determination of the DB2 version for the support of BOOLEAN columns.

Spring and Spring Boot

  • Add a property so users can easily switch from ConsoleUiService to LoggerUIService
  • Disable Derby shutdown in Spring Boot context