Liquibase MongoDB Pro 1.3.0 Release Notes

Liquibase MongoDB Pro 1.3.0 is a major release.

Liquibase MongoDB Pro (1.3.0 – October 11, 2023)

Formatted MongoDB

  • MongoDB users can now manage their changes as Liquibase changesets by simply adding comments containing Liquibase directives (comment decorations) to existing mongosh scripts. This makes it easy to bring the power of Liquibase change management into an existing project team using MongoDB.
  • Liquibase's new Formatted MongoDB changelogs are analogous to Liquibase's existing Formatted SQL changelogs and enable teams who are already familiar with that Liquibase feature to ease adoption of common practices and workflows across their organizations.
  • Formatted MongoDB scripts support:
    • Management of all changes in plain mongosh form to simplify adoption and developer experience.
    • The ability to use a modeled parent changelog with Formatted MongoDB child changelogs to support structures that maintain strict change boundaries, sequencing, categorization, or other readability preferences.
    • All standard Liquibase Open Source and Liquibase Pro changeset metadata and behaviors including things like contexts, labels, etc. (See the documentation for the full list of rules – the same as Formatted SQL.)
    • include and includeAll workflows so that Formatted MongoDB changelog files can be processed in an alphanumeric sequence.
  • This update brings the power and simplicity of Liquibase's native-language changesets to your MongoDB change management process through improved developer experience, automation, quality, observability, and governance.
  • For more information, see the MongoDB Pro Extension documentation.

Requirements and limitations

  • The child MongoDB scripts referenced by the include and includeAll tags must contain the changeset decoration and the following minimum changeset metadata, author:id and runWith:mongosh.
  • // liquibase formatted mongodb
    // changeset authorname:1 runWith:mongosh
  • Liquibase preconditions are not supported.
  • The modifyChangeSets tag is not supported.

Liquibase MongoDB OSS (4.24.0 – October 5, 2023)

Full Changelog: liquibase-mongodb-v4.23.1...liquibase-mongodb-4.24.0

New features

  • (#432) [DAT-15338] Add mongodb connection patterns to hide credentials in logs
  • (#439) MongoOSS Extension :: Consume core and pro from GPM

Breaking changes

  • (#432) [DAT-15338] Add mongodb connection patterns to hide credentials in logs