db-doc Task

Generates db-doc database documentation for a given database.

db-doc task examples

<liquibase:db-doc  changelog-file="/path/to/changeLog.xml"  outputdirectory="/path/to/output/dir">  
	<liquibase:database  driver="${db.driver}"  url="${db.url}"  user="${db.user}"  password="${db.pasword}"/>  

A basic example of generating database documentation for a given changelog file.

<liquibase:db-doc  databaseref="my-database"  changelog-file="/path/to/changelog.xml"  outputdirectory="/path/to/output/dir"/>

Generates database documentation for the referenced database.


Attribute Description Required
changelog-file The changelog file to run. Yes
contexts A comma separated list of Contexts to execute. If not specified, all contexts are run. No
outputDirectory The directory where the database documentation will be generated. Yes
classpathref A reference to the classpath used to run the task with. No
databaseref A reference to the database that Liquibase will connect to. Yes, unless a nested <database> element is present.
promptOnNonLocalDatabase If set to true a dialog box with warn you if you attempt to run the Liquibase against a database that is not on localhost. No; default is false.
driver Deprecated: Name of the database driver to connect with. No
url Deprecated: Use <database>'s url attribute instead. The database URL. No
username Deprecated:The database username to connect with. No
password Deprecated:The password to use when connecting to the database. No
defaultSchemaName Deprecated:Schema to use by default for managed database objects and Liquibase control tables. No
currentDateTimeFunction Deprecated: Overrides current date time function used in SQL. Useful for unsupported databases. No
databaseChangeLogTableName Deprecated: Overrides the name of the DATABASECHANGELOG table to use. No
databaseChangeLogLockTableName Deprecated: Overrides the name of the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table to use. No
log-level Deprecated: Specifies one of the following logging levels: debug, info, warning, severe, off. The default level is info. No

Parameters specified as nested elements


The classpath used to run the task with. Optional.


Required unless a databaseref attribute is given. See database data type.


Optional. See Substituting Properties in Changelogs.