Feature Flags

Liquibase Feature Flag/Management Extensions give users the ability to use some third-party feature flag tools to define and control when database changes are applied. The list of available extensions will be available on the documentation page. The extensions allow for feature flags to be used as Preconditions in changelogs and changesets.

Extension list

Note: These feature flag extensions are being deprecated. We will open-source these extensions soon and will update this page when the open source versions of them are available. Please contact support if you have any questions.

Extension Product edition Documentation link
CloudBees Liquibase Pro CloudBees Feature Management Extension
ConfigCat ConfigCat Feature Flags Extension
Flagsmith Flagsmith Feature Flags Extension
GitLab GitLab Feature Flags Extension
GrowthBook GrowthBook Feature Flags Extension
LaunchDarkly LaunchDarkly Feature Flags Extension

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Community-maintained extensions

The following feature flags extensions are not maintained or warranted by Liquibase:

Extension Product edition GitHub link (open repos)
FF4J Liquibase Open Source FF4J Feature Flags Extension
Flagr Flagr Feature Flags Extension
Flipt Flipt Feature Flags Extension

For more community-maintained extensions, see Contributor Docs: Expanded Functionality § Community Maintained.