How to Apply Your Liquibase Pro License Key

Liquibase Pro license key allows using all the functionality of Liquibase Community as well as the following features:

  • Access to reporting, monitoring, and insights with Liquibase Hub
  • Targeted rollbacks for one change or set of changes
  • Enhanced stored logic capabilities
  • Database drift detection
  • SQL Plus integration

Note: To take advantage of all Liquibase Pro features, it is recommended to use the latest version of Liquibase.

There are two ways to apply the Liquibase Pro license key:

  1. Include the Liquibase Pro license key liquibaseProLicenseKey: [paste the Liquibase Pro license key] in your file and save it. For example:
liquibaseProLicenseKey: aei76ou32thp785463214
  1. Pass the Liquibase Pro license key as an argument in the command line during runtime: liquibase --liquibaseProLicenseKey=[paste the Liquibase Pro license key] [command]. For example:
liquibase --liquibaseProLicenseKey=aei76ou32thp785463214 update

To verify that your Liquibase Pro license key works as expected and to check its expiration date, you can run the status --verbose command.

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