Maven [goal]

The sample goal [specify what a goal does].


Use the sample goal to [specify use cases].

Maven configuration

You can configure Liquibase Maven in multiple ways. One way is to define your Liquibase configuration properties in the pom.xml file. To configure the pom.xml file, refer to Configuring Liquibase Attributes in your Maven POM File.

Tip: The Liquibase properties file and environment variables are the alternative options for Liquibase configuration. For more information about the Maven configuration, see Configuring Maven.

Running the [sample] Maven goal

Running the sample goal requires you to have a Maven project implemented. [if needed, specify other requirements]

To run the goal, enter the following at your command prompt:

mvn liquibase:sample

[sample] Maven configuration properties

Property Definition

CLI: -Dliquibase.checksSettingsFile

Property in the pom.xml file: <checksSettingsFile>path/to/checks-settings.conf</checksSettingsFile>

This is the parameter that specifies [details about the parameter]