Autocompleting Liquibase Commands

Liquibase provides the autocomplete option for commands run on the macOS and Linux/Unix operating systems or Git Bash and Cygwin CLI tools for Windows. You can find the in the liquibase/lib folder.

To start using the autocomplete option, do the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the path is in the ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc files

    Example for Linux, Git Bash, and Cygwin:

  2. [ -f /path/to/liquibase/lib/liquibase_autocomplete.bash ] && . /path/to/liquibase/lib/liquibase_autocomplete.bash

    Example for MacOS:

    [ -f /path/to/liquibase/lib/liquibase_autocomplete_mac.bash ] && . /path/to/liquibase/lib/liquibase_autocomplete_mac.bash
  3. Start typing the command and use the Tab key to have the full version of it.

Example: Type liquibase che and press the Tab key. The result of autocompleting will be liquibase checks.