The show subcommand prints the available checks and their configurations as indicated in the check settings file to STDOUT.


You can typically use the show command to see the list of all available checks and inspect the dynamic checks you can copy, customize, delete, or reset.

Running the show command

Run the command specifying your values:

liquibase checks show

Note: If you have a checks settings file customized for a specific environment or project, you need to pass that using the --checks-settings-file parameter. If you do not include this parameter, Liquibase uses the default settings file: liquibase.checks-settings.conf.

The command output will present your checks and their details.

show command attributes

Tip: All commands and parameters use the --kebab-case format in the CLI environment. This is the format Liquibase recommends for best results. If your preference is camelCase, it will still work in the CLI.

Name Syntax Description

CLI: --checks-settings-file


Environment Variable:


The parameter which specifies the needed checks settings file to work with subcommands.

Set the checks-settings-file parameter to the relative path of the checks-settings-file that you want to read from or modify.

For more information, see Using the Checks Settings Configuration File.


CLI: --auto-update=[on|off]

Property: [on|off]


The parameter which allows automatic backup and updating of the liquibase.check-settings.conf file when new quality checks are available.

Default: off


CLI: --format=[text|json]

Property: [text|json]


Liquibase Pro only. Sets the format of the check output to text or JSON.

Default: text

For more information, see Quality Checks JSON Object.

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