The monitor-performance parameter enables internal tracking of the Liquibase code to understand which methods took the longest time to run, and how system memory was used. It generates a "jfr" file which contains the profiling information which can be analyzed and compared.

Possible values include:

  • If set to false (default value), performance information will not be captured.
  • If set to true, a file name liquibase-TIMESTAMP.jfr will be created in the current working directory.
  • Any other value will enable performance tracking, and the value will be used as the filename.

Note: This parameter is only available in the Liquibase CLI.


The monitor-performance parameter applies to all Liquibase commands. It can be used to help the Liquibase team better troubleshoot performance issues you may be seeing.


The monitor-performance is an optional parameter that is either set in the Liquibase properties file or specified on the command line. The monitor-performance specified on the command line overrides the value set in the properties file.


liquibase --monitor-performance=true update