To send your command output to a file, use the output-file parameter. The output-file parameter works with the diff command, snapshot command, and Liquibase SQL commands.

  • You can use the output-file parameter with diff and snapshot commands to gather the information about the current state of a database and send this information as a text-based version of the schema to a file.
  • You can use the output-file parameter with Liquibase SQL commands to receive an SQL script in a file instead of having it in the CLI.

An example of running the output-file parameter

liquibase --output-file=../the/path/to/my/output/file update-sql

An example of running both output-file and log-file parameters

To get the log and output information from a command, use the output-file and log-file parameters simultaneously:

liquibase --output-file=mysnapshot.json --log-level=debug --log-file=liquibase.log snapshot

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