--pro-strict is a global Boolean attribute that specifies whether Liquibase checks for the existence of Liquibase Pro resource files that you've specified. The default value is false. It is available in Liquibase 4.28.0 and later.

--pro-strict is similar to the parameter --strict, which validates some changelog fields and parameter syntax and checks for the existence of Liquibase Open Source resource files.


If you set --pro-strict to true, Liquibase checks for the existence of the following resource files:

It is a best practice to set --pro-strict to true so that you can catch mistakes like missing or incorrect file names before you deploy your changes. If you leave strict at its default setting of false, Liquibase ignores these requirements.


You can set this parameter in the following ways:

Option Syntax
Liquibase properties file
liquibase.proStrict: <true|false>
Global flow file argument (example)
      - type: liquibase
        command: update
        globalArgs: { pro-strict: "<true|false>" }
Global CLI parameter
 --pro-strict=<true|false> update

JVM system property (JAVA_OPTS Environment Variable)

Liquibase Environment Variables

For more information, see Working with Command Parameters.


If you set --pro-strict to true but one of the resource files you've specified is invalid, Liquibase produces the following output:

ERROR: The file '<path/to/>' specified in '<path/to/resourcefile>'was not found. The global argument 'strict' is enabled, which validates the existence of files specified in liquibase files, such as changelogs, flowfiles, checks packages files, and more. To prevent this message, check your configurations, or disable the 'strict' setting.

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