validate-xml-changelog-files is a Boolean global parameter. It specifies whether Liquibase performs XSD validation of XML changelog files. The default value is true.


Liquibase publishes XSD (XML Schema Definition) files with every release. The XSD specifies how your XML changelog must be formatted in order to be considered valid. By default, Liquibase automatically validates your changelog against the standard defined in the XSD for your version of Liquibase.

If you include many XML changelogs in your root changelog, the validation process may take a long time. If you know that your changelog matches the XSD and doesn't require validation, you can set validate-xml-changelog-files to false to disable the validation process.

If your workflow requires you to use non-standard syntax in your changelog which fails the XSD validation despite functioning correctly, it is possible to bypass the validation by setting this parameter to false. However, you can alternatively create a custom XSD for your use-case. For more information, see Example Changelogs: XML Format.


You can set this parameter in the following ways:

Option Syntax
Liquibase properties file
liquibase.validateXmlChangelogFiles: <true|false>
Global flow file argument (example)
      - type: liquibase
        command: update
        globalArgs: { validate-xml-changelog-files: "<true|false>" }
Global CLI parameter
 --validate-xml-changelog-files=<true|false> update

JVM system property (JAVA_OPTS Environment Variable)

Liquibase Environment Variables

For more information, see Working with Command Parameters.

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