To maintain or improve the quality of your database changes, get started with quality checks with these articles: Quality Checks and List of Quality Checks. Maven supports the and goals. If you need to customize quality checks, use the Liquibase CLI, which supports interactive mode for copy, customize, delete, disable, enable, reset, and bulk-set. See Quality Checks.


The goal executes Liquibase quality checks using the checks settings file and the changelog file you specify.


Use the goal to run static and dynamic checks against the specified changelog in XML, SQL, YAML, or JSON format. Liquibase reports the outcome of the checks to STDOUT. The return code helps you detect non-compliant changes and stop deployment jobs in automation.

If your files are not stored in the Liquibase working directory, specify the relative path to them. Check How Liquibase Finds Files: Liquibase Search Path for more details.

Note: To see the list of available checks, run mvn

Maven configuration

You can configure Liquibase Maven in multiple ways. You can pass arguments like <changeLogFile> in Maven directly in your pom.xml file, in a file referenced in your POM, as environment variables, or as JVM system properties.

Tip: For more information about the Maven configuration, see Configuring Maven.

Checks settings file configuration

When you start using the quality checks functionality by running any checks goal, Liquibase identifies the need for a checks settings file:

  • To create the default checks settings file named liquibase.checks-settings.conf in the Liquibase working directory, enter Y at runtime.
  • To use the in-memory file while running or, enter N at runtime. Other subcommands require a checks settings file to save the changes for checks.
  • To use a checks settings file customized for a specific environment or project, pass it with the checks settings file parameter. If you do not include the parameter, Liquibase uses the in-memory file or default settings file – liquibase.checks-settings.conf.

Running the Maven goal

Running the goal requires you to have a Maven project implemented with the changelog parameter specified.

To run the goal, enter the following at your command prompt:

mvn Maven configuration properties

Property Definition

CLI: -Dliquibase.checksSettingsFile

Property in the pom.xml file: <checksSettingsFile>path/to/checks-settings.conf</checksSettingsFile>


This is the parameter that specifies the needed checks settings file to work with goals.

Set the checksSettingsFile parameter to the relative path of the checks settings file which you want to use or modify.

For more information, see Use the Checks Settings Configuration File.

CLI: -Dliquibase.changeLogFile

Property in the pom.xml file: your changelog file


The changelog file against which you execute checks when running the goal.