Maven help

help lists all the available Liquibase goals and their attributes. The goal also presents Liquibase Hub goals — register-changelog and sync-hub.


help is typically used to check the syntax of goals, their definitions, and attributes. The help goal displays all help information on liquibase-maven-plugin.

Maven configuration

Liquibase Maven can be configured in multiple ways. One way is to define your Liquibase configuration properties in your pom.xml file. To configure your pom.xml file, refer to Configuring Liquibase Attributes in your Maven POM File.

Running the help Maven goal

To run the goal, type the following in your command prompt:

mvn liquibase:help

To see attributes for each goal, add the -Ddetail=true attribute:

mvn liquibase:help -Ddetail=true

Note: If you want to see details only for one goal, add the -Dgoal=<goal name> attribute. For example: mvn liquibase:help -Ddetail=true -Dgoal=diff.

help optional Maven configuration attributes


Detail [boolean] Displays all settable properties for each goal if the value is set to true. Default value is: false.
goal Specifies the name of the goal for which to show the help information. If it is unspecified, all goals will be displayed.
indentSize Specifies the number of spaces per indentation level, which should be positive. Default value is: 2.
lineLength Specifies the maximum length of a display line, which should be positive. Default value is: 80.