Creating and configuring a file

Creating a file allows you to store properties that don’t change often in a file. You can also use parameters to specify your database connection information so Liquibase can access your database and save you the trouble of passing along command line arguments.

Creating the File

To create a file, generate a new text file in your project Liquibase directory and name it

Note: The file can also be named something other than and/or be in a completely different directory by using the –defaultsFile parameter during runtime. To learn more please see Command Line Interface.


The most common properties that you might set in the are listed below. Any parameter that could be specified on the command line can also be specified in the properties file. If a parameter is specified in both the properties file and the command line, the command line value will override the value in the file.

Parameter Definition
changeLogFile The path for your changelog file.
driver The driver class name for your source database.
referenceUrl The primary database when doing an update, or the source database for performing comparisons.
username The username for your source database.
password The password for your source database.
referenceDriver The driver class name for your target database.
url The database you want to use to compare to your source database. Also known as your target.
referenceUsername The username for your target database.
referencePassword The password for your target database.
liquibaseProLicenseKey Your Liquibase Pro license key (If you have one).
classpath The path for your database driver.
parameter.[parameter name] Define global changelog Parameters. E.g. tableA.

Different commands require different parameter information to work. For more information on parameter requirements, search the Liquibase Command topics in the knowledge base. file example

changeLogFile: ../path/to/file/dbchangelog.xml
driver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@
username: PRO
password: password
referenceDriver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
referenceUrl: jdbc:oracle:thin:@
referencePassword: password
liquibaseProLicenseKey: aeioufakekey32aeioufakekey785463214
classpath: ../path/to/file/ojdbc6-

Advanced configuration options

Parameter Definition
includeCatalogInSpecification boolean Should Liquibase include the catalog name when determining equality?
convertDataTypes boolean Should Liquibase convert to/from STANDARD data types. Applies to both snapshot and update commands. Default= true