The sync-hub command synchronizes the local DATABASECHANGELOG table with Liquibase Hub.


The sync-hub command is typically used when you want to:

  • Ensure that Liquibase Hub shows the latest results from your DATABASECHANGELOG table.
  • Synchronize the DATABASECHANGELOG table of a new project that has pre-existing data in the DATABASECHANGELOG table.
  • Synchronize your local data if update, rollback, changelog-sync, or drop-all were run while Liquibase Hub was offline.

When you run the sync-hub command, you will not see any operations added to the Project associated with your changelog. sync-hub cannot associate previous Liquibase operations. You will only see changesets added to the changesets tab in your Liquibase Hub project.

Running the sync-hub command

To run the register-changelog command, specify the following parameters in the Liquibase properties file, environment variables, or the command prompt while running the command:

Tip: For more information about the options to store parameters, see Create and Configure a File, Liquibase Environment Variables, and JAVA_OPTS Environment Variable. To find the format of the parameter, see Command Parameters.

  • Driver, URL, and user authentication information such as username and password
  • Liquibase Hub API key
  • changelog file
  • Note: If you have not registered your changelog file, use the register-changelog command. The register-changelog command connects your local Liquibase activity to a specific Liquibase Hub Project.

  • Target ID specified by the hub-connection-id parameter
  • Note: If you have the changelog-file parameter, there is no need to specify the hub-connection-id parameter with the command. If you use hub-connection-id, add it to the sync-hub command at the command prompt.

    Tip: To find the hub-connection-id, select Projects > View Details for the required project > Targets > View Status > Target ID.

Run the sync-hub command:

liquibase sync-hub

sync-hub command attributes

Tip: For best results, specify all commands and parameters in the --kebab-case format in the CLI. If your preference is camelCase, it also works in the CLI.

Attribute Definition Requirement

Specifies the target (also called connection) needed for the sync-hub command to synchronize the local DATABASECHANGELOG table with Liquibase Hub.



Liquibase Community 4.9.1 by Liquibase
Liquibase command 'sync-hub' was executed successfully.