Liquibase Hub Pipelines

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A Pipeline is a way to collect all the Connections in a Project.

Connections represent databases and include your JDBC URL, username, the most recent operations, and the changelog used for the Operation. You can give a name and a “sequence” value to the Connections to set the order in which they appear in various Liquibase Hub overviews or reports to create a Pipeline.

Note: There is no need to include all Connections into a Pipeline. However, it can be a way to monitor the flow of your database schema changes.

A Connection is automatically tracked in an unordered manner under the Project it affects, and one connection can be involved in different Projects. You can label and order Connections into Pipelines to have comparative status views and see whether this works for your database schema change workflow. In this way, you can better track schema changes in different Pipelines which share Connections.

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