Liquibase Hub Users

In Liquibase Hub, a User is a person who has an account in Liquibase Hub and owns one or more API Keys.

Users can do the following:

  • Manage their profile information.
  • Register a changelog file to synchronize it with Liquibase Hub.
  • Perform local Liquibase operations, which are reported to and visible in your Project’s Operations reports.
  • Create an Organization, and as the initial Organization Admin, invite other Liquibase Hub users to become Organization members.
  • Create Projects in Organizations in which they are members.
  • Delete their own User account.

Note: If you are an administrator in any Organization, you must remove yourself from the list of administrators before deleting your account.

When you join Liquibase Hub, you become a User with an initial auto-created Organization for you to create Projects, store changelogs, and more.

Users can join additional Organizations through an invitation sent by an Organization Admin to their email address. Accepting an invite is currently the only way to join additional Organizations. While an Organization Admin can invite or remove a User from their Organization, they cannot remove a User from Liquibase Hub.

When Users join an Organization, they have access to all the Projects in the Organization and can provide data to any Project with a registered changelog file. They can also see the Operations reports sent to the Organization’s Projects by all other members of the same Organization.

Note: Liquibase Community and Liquibase Pro do not have a concept of a user. You can have several changelog files that contain changesets added by different people. However, the Liquibase Hub API Key is tied to one email address and one actual person. For this reason, it is a best practice to specify a meaningful changeset author, id, and comments, so that other users in Liquibase Hub have relevant information when reviewing the Operations reports.

A User can be a member of multiple Organizations. As a User of any Organization, you can see the changesets which other members of the same Organization have deployed to any database in the Project in that Organization.