Tip: The command uses syntax for Liquibase 4.4 and later. For earlier versions, use a camel case syntax and the following CLI order: [command parameters] [command] [global parameters]. To find the previous format of the command, run the liquibase --help command and refer to the deprecated version.

The sample command [specify what a command does].


Use the sample command to [specify use cases].

Running the [sample] command

To run the sample command, specify the following parameters in the Liquibase properties file, environment variables, or the command prompt while running the command:

Note: For more information about the options to store parameters, see Specifying Properties in a Connection Profile, Liquibase Environment Variables, and JAVA_OPTS Environment Variable. To find the format of a parameter, see Command Parameters.

  • URL, driver [optional], and user authentication information such as username and password.
  • [if needed, specify other requirements]

Run the sample command:

liquibase sample

[sample] command parameters

Attribute Definition Requirement
sample parameter Description Optional / Required
--url The JDBC database connection URL Required
--username* The database username Required*
--password* The database password Required*

Note: Liquibase does not require the username and passwordattributes for connections and systems which use alternate means of authentication.