This check can be used to prevent Oracle's reserved keywords from being used in database object names. See the Complete List of Oracle Reserved Words for complete list of keywords.

  • Checks require specific parameters noted in the table.
  • Customizations to the list are available to the user and are stored in the liquibase.checks-settings file.


Use the check to ensure that no Oracle reserved words are used to name database objects. Oracle has reserved certain words for internal purposes, and using these words can cause unexpected consequences when deploying database schema changes or data. These name conflicts can result in job failures from multiple tools in your tool devOps chain, not just Liquibase job failures. Simultaneously, there might be instances where you are certain you need to use and understand the implications for allowing reserved keywords in your database object names. To enable this, the quality check can be customized with an Allowed List. This quality check, like other checks, can be configured with a severity level which returns an exit code designed to stop automated jobs, giving your team time to make sure database objects.

Note: Please be aware that OracleReservedKeywords only supports modeled changeset types. If you use this Quality Check with unmodeled changesets (formatted SQL changelogs as well as sql and sqlFile changeTypes), a message will appear stating the changeset was skipped.

Run the OracleReservedKeywords check

To run the OracleReservedKeywords check, ensure you have a Liquibase Pro license and the checks-scope property includes changelog. The checks-scope parameter is set in the default properties file, environment variable, or any standard method. Then, check the changelog to see if OracleReservedKeywords is enabled.

Enable the OracleReservedKeywords check by running the following command in the CLI:

liquibase checks enable --check-name=OracleReservedKeywords
Short Name Scope Enabled Severity Customization Description
SQLServerReservedKeywords changelog


Default value: 0

  • 'INFO' | 0
  • 'MINOR' | 1
  • 'MAJOR' | 2
  • 'CRITICAL' | 3
  • 'BLOCKER' | 4




This check disallows Oracle reserved keywords from being used in database object names. See for complete list of keywords.