Liquibase Auto Rollback

Liquibase supports Change Types that automatically create rollback statements when you run rollback commands and Change Types that don’t include an automatic rollback. If you want to use the rollback functionality or override the default generated rollback statement, you need to specify the <rollback> tag within the needed changeset.

Formatted SQL

Liquibase does not support an automatic rollback for formatted SQL changesets. You should add custom rollback statements to the formatted SQL changesets if you want to use rollback commands.

-- liquibase formatted sql
-- changeset liquibaseuser:1
create table example1 ( id int primary key, name varchar(255) );
-- rollback drop table example1;
-- changeset liquibaseuser:2
insert into example1 values ('1','The First', 'Country')
insert into example1 values ('2','The Second', 'Country2')
-- rollback delete from example1 where id='1'
-- rollback delete from example1 where id='2'

Using the <rollback> tag

The <rollback> tag describes how to roll back a change using SQL statements, Change Types, or a reference to a previous changeset.

You can have plain SQL in the content part of the <rollback> element. Liquibase treats the text in the element as the <sql> Change Type with stripComments set to true, splitStatements set to true, and endDelimiter set to ;. For more details, see the XML example from the sql documentation.

<changeSet id="1" author="bob">
	<createTable tableName="testTable">
		drop table testTable

Also, you can have any Change Type in the <rollback> element:

<changeSet id="1" author="bob">
	<createTable tableName="testTable">
		<dropTable tableName="testTable"/>

The following example shows how you can refer a <rollback> element to another changeset. To roll back the changeset with id="2", apply the changeset with id="1":

<changeSet id="2" author="bob">
	<dropTable tableName="testTable"/>
	<rollback changeSetId="1" changeSetAuthor="bob"/>

To reference the changeset that originally created a statement, use the <rollback> tag with changeRollback2-create:

<changeSet id="changeRollback2-drop" author="liquibase">
	<dropTable tableName="changeRollback2"/>
	<rollback changeSetId="changeRollback2-create" changeSetAuthor="liquibase"/>

If you do not want to revert a change in a rollback mode, use an empty rollback tag:

<changeSet id="3" author="liquibaseuser">
	<createTable tableName="changeRollback">
		<column name="id" type="int"/>

Using Change Types and auto rollback

You can use an automatic rollback with the XML, JSON, and YAML changelogs.

Change Type Supported
addAutoIncrement Not Supported
addCheckConstraint Supported
addColumn Supported
addDefaultValue Supported
addForeignKeyConstraint Supported
addLookupTable Supported
addNotNullConstraint Supported
addPrimaryKey Supported
addUniqueConstraint Supported
alterSequence Not Supported
createFunction Not Supported
createIndex Supported
createPackage Not Supported
createPackageBody Not Supported
createProcedure Not Supported
createSequence Supported
createSynonym Supported
createTable Supported
createTrigger Not Supported
createView Supported
customChange Not Supported
delete Not Supported
disableCheckConstraint Supported
disableTrigger Supported
dropAllForeignKeyConstraints Not Supported
dropCheckConstraint Not Supported
dropColumn Not Supported
dropDefaultValue Not Supported
dropForeignKeyConstraint Not Supported
dropFunction Not Supported
dropIndexNot Not Supported
dropNotNullConstraint Supported
dropPackage Not Supported
dropPackageBody Not Supported
dropPrimaryKey Not Supported
dropProcedure Not Supported
dropSequence Not Supported
dropSynonym Not Supported
dropTable Not Supported
dropTrigger Not Supported
dropUniqueConstraint Not Supported
dropView Not Supported
empty Not Supported
enableCheckConstraint Supported
enableTrigger Supported
executeCommand Not Supported
insert Not Supported
loadData Not Supported
loadUpdateData Not Supported
markUnused Not Supported
mergeColumns Not Supported
modifyDataType Not Supported
output Not Supported
renameColumn Supported
renameSequence Supported
renameTable Supported
renameTrigger Supported
renameView Supported
setColumnRemarks Not Supported
setTableRemarks Not Supported
sql Not Supported
sqlFile Not Supported
stop Not Supported
tagDatabase Supported
update Not Supported